20 November 2008


Another Sujal...

Telly baroness Ekta Kapoor has no hang-ups in admitting that her latest epic serial ?Kahaani Hamaray Mahabharat Ki? on 9X has been unable meet their lofty TRP expectations, as she feels ?that the TV channel is new?. Being a die-hard optimist, she is hopeful that with the ?take-off stage in ?Mahabharat? happening next month where all the cardinal mytho-characters turn into adults, and there is the Krishna-Radha separation, the home-viewers traffic would increase rapidly. But of course it wouldn?t reach sky-high,? she reconciles. Interestingly, Mrinal Jain who plays Krishna was getting a lot of mushy female fans? feedback that he had that fleeting ?jhalak? of Rajeev Khandelwal. But was Ekta subconsciously looking for the handsome heart-throb character ?Sujal? factor when she finalised Jain after just a ?look test? minus the gruelling auditions? ?What mattered to us most was the divine serenity and yet the correct expression in the actor?s eyes when he donned the robes of Lord Krishna. At the same time he had to project the credible romantic natkhat vibes as he interacts with Radha,? responds Ekta. Not surprisingly both Mrinal and Puja have ardent filmy aspirations. Neither of them are apprehensive about being tagged with the overpowering mytho-screen image of the spiritual characters they are currently playing. Argues prolific model Mrunal, ?In today?s times audiences are intelligent enough not to have any image hang-over if you are able to convincingly play diverse characters. There are feelers coming in from certain film-directors. Once my ?Mahabharat? stint is over I will gradually get into movies, with Krishna?s blessings of course.?

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neeti said...

Nice to see ur blog..Wowwwwww U had done Awesome Role in KHMK..as Krishana..
So Now day's u r seeing as Hiten DHaramraj Mahiyavanshi..wowwwwwww it's sounds Gud!!!Love to c More Scenes between u and DM..and tht SUjal Type Pic was very cute..:)

Love u
Take care