24 November 2008

favourite moments in mahabharat

these are some of my favorite moments really special and close to my heart in mahabharat


Anonymous said...

nice pics u r looking good
jai shri krishna

Anonymous said...

hey mrunal u really rock u r simply smart handsome
thanks to be my friend
may god bless u and fulfills ur wishes

chintu said...

hi mrunal jain

jai shri krishna
and 3 cheers for the role in
kahani hamare mahabharat ki

u simply rock kahana

u have made lord krishna alive once again......
great work...
god always bless u...

Aruna_jh said...

Hi Mrunal,

I though that after Nitish Bharadwaj played the role of Lord Krishna, on one could ever play the role so convincing. But you are simply awesome. Very good job and keep up the good work!!

Lots of love from Holland

3k said...

I was searching for pictures of Mrunal Jain when I found this blog.
Are you really the actor himself? If so, I can't believe you have your own blog. That's so cool.

Your the actor that played Hiten in the drama Bandini, right? If not, I'm totally on the wrong track. (how embarassing and dissapointing) T_T
And if so, I want you to know that I toootally love your work in that drama. <3

I see you haven't submitted anything new in your blog since November. I hope you find time to post again. I'll be following this blog from now on. (/^o^)/

A brand new fan of yours. ^_^

cacinema said...


Wonderful acting
Your expressions as Lord Krishna simply rock
I would be lucky to be your friend
Excellent job
Became a great fan of yours after watching you as Lord Krishna

syeda said...

Hi Mrunal love you rwork in Bandini, hope you get back to blogging soon,so that we can get to know you well:)

Television Shows said...

You are superb in Looteri Dulhan also. I liked your acting most.

Vinayak Rao said...

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