20 November 2008

In pictures: Dahi handi on Mahabharat setsEkta Kapoor took the media to her Mahabharat sets (Hastinapur) in Goregaon, Mumbai. There she revealed her Krishna (Mrunal Jain).
Ekta's celebration of Dahi Handi was very unique as it was first Dahi Handi which was celebrated in Hastinapur and not in Dwarka or in Mathura. Ekta informed everyone that set of Dwarka and Mathura are smaller than this and it was rumour that this set was dismantled.
As usual, when Ekta arrived she immediately got the media's attention. But Ekta immediately went and hugged her Ved Vyas (Makrand Deshapande) who was busy in testing various fast food items which were available on set.
Finally, after Ekta's entry her new find Mrunal Jain, Krishna, entered and broke the handi. Ekta chose him without any audition and the guy immediately left the sight without interacting with anyone.
To everyone's surprise, when Mrunal broke the Handi, Ekta went and touched his feet. He too happily gave his blessings to Ekta. Later on she said that for her whoever is dressed as a Lord is god.
Very few cast members were present on the sets. Two of them were Kunti and Gandhari. A truly professional actress who plays Gandhari was giving interviews by with a blindfold on her eyes.

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